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Healthcare Workshops for Hospitals, Residencies and Medical Schools


Powerlessness is one of the leading causes of physician and healthcare- provider burnout.

It's easy to become overwhelmed: long hours, loss of agency, electronic charting, increased numbers of patients, insurance struggles; It's no wonder dissatisfaction and tensions are high. Each day becomes the same demoralizing story we keep telling ourselves.

What if the right story could reconnect you to the passion, curiosity and humanity that first brought you into healthcare?

By applying storytelling techniques to the frustrating narrative we think we know, a transformative reconnection occurs, improving  patient, team, and  most importantly, self-communication.  After all, the stories we tell ourselves become the story of our life. 

Take control of the story. Take control of your life. 

Help the providers in your hospital, clinic, or classroom, reclaim their role as healers

Now booking through 2020
Department-Based Workshops are also available. Residency workshops can be tailored to fit conference hours.