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Your essay is your first interview. Let it speak for you.

Your voice, your application, your dream. Let the admissions committee see who you really are.

Update: Booking for the 2019-2020 medical school application cycle is now open. Please use the Contact Me button at the bottom of the page to schedule a consultation.


who am i?

I'm an Emergency physician and writer living in New York City. Since 2005, I have been coaching students through the admission process for college and professional schools. I have been on multiple medical school and residency admissions committees and have personally gone through the medical school and residency admissions process in not one, but two specialties. Before going to medical school, I studied creative and nonfiction writing and taught composition.

What i do

Other editors may charge hourly rates to correct your grammar and spice up a few sentences. They almost never address the most challenging aspect of the essay - choosing what story to tell and taking the time to find out how to make you shine as a real person, not just another high-achieving resume. I work with you to discover the content that will excite an admissions committee. What you say about yourself is as important as how you say it. I want you to look at our finished product and say "Yes! That's exactly what I meant to say!" The admissions committee will ask, "How do we get this person on our team?" It doesn't hurt that together we can have your essay completed in as little as 24 hours.

Want help with the whole process? I also have packages that assist you with everything from choosing the right schools based on your goals, writing a great c.v. and interview coaching.

Application season is rough. Let's make getting accepted easy.

Don’t hide from the admissions committee! Show yourself!

Don’t hide from the admissions committee! Show yourself!


get what you deserve

Your application isn't what gets you an interview. Your essay is your first interview. No matter how talented you are as a writer, the admissions essay is a genre all its own. You deserve training that will prepare you for the career you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and almost a quarter of your life preparing for.